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SOLDIERS OF SCRAPE are coming your way…

In the spring of 2005, they were born from the ashes of their former name Bowlscraper. Taking on the name of the Fans who supported them the Soldiers Of Scrape were revived & ready for battle!

With A New direction & the hard work & determination attitude that drives them... A couple demo CD's & High-Energy performances that the Soldiers Of Scrape bring every show!!! It wasn't long until they were a regular name on the scene in the Midwest... December 2005 brought the release of "Scrape The Nation" Leading to independent tours to the West & East Coast in 2006... Spreading the seed to the nation grass roots style...

2007 was spent playing all over the Midwest...writing...& recording... 07' also brought the release of the Demo "Warming The Engine"... All this led to endorsement deals for the band with Krank Amps, Jackson Guitars, Pro-tone pedals, Guitar Force, Monster picks...appearing in ads for them in Decibel magazine,Club Tattoo, & Always more in the works...

2008 began and their focus became “ World Domination”!!! The Full Length CD “Operation: Shifting Gears" was released in February 2008 on 1 Vision Records. "Operation: Shifting Gears" was recorded at Spider Studios (Strongsville, Ohio)... with Producer Ben Schigel (Chimaira, Walls Of Jericho, Drowning Pool. etc...) Working with Ben helped take this metal onslaught to the next sonic level... Playing tour dates with DevilDriver, Divine Heresy, Dark Tranquility, Firewind and more…

2009 Brings another mission for The Soldiers Of Scrape… “ New Age Of Piracy “ is the title for the new full-length CD which will be released in 2010! They are currently playing live shows and putting the finishing touches on the Songs for the new CD.

These are just some of the bands the Soldiers have shared the stage with:

DevilDriver - Obituary - Testament - Temple Of Brutality - Goatwhore - Prong - Hatebreed - Soulfly – Unearth – Divine Heresy - Dark Tranquility - Firewind - Cannibal Corpse - Shadows Fall - Skinlab - Ankla - Dying Fetus - Origin - Hate Eternal - M.O.D. - God Forbid - Mushroomhead - Mastadon - Kittie - Napalm Death - The Mentors - Bury Your Dead - Bobaflex - Rickets - Crowbar - Superjoint Ritual - Daath - Alabama Thunderpussy - Psychostick - Graveyard BBQ - Full Blown Chaos - 36 Crazy Fists - Damien - C.O.C. - Indorphine - Hemlock - Lazarus A.D. - Mutiny Within - & Many More!!!

no pic New Age of Piracy


1. 4 More Years
2. Do It Yourself
3. Chiseled Into Stone
4. Find My Way
5. 32 Gun Show
6. Psychotic Intervention
7. Truth Is Sacred
8. We Cannot Survive
no pic Operation:
Shifting Gears


1. Blaster
3. Old School Metal
4. Cold Beer
5. Just A Moment
6. Inebriated Youth
7. Living The Life
8. Shifting Gears
9. Mountains
10. Coming Down
11. WET
12. Cold Beer (Radio Edit)
13. Coming Down (Radio Edit)
14. WET (Radio Edit)
no pic Warming The Engine

3 Song EP


1. Blaster (demo)
2. Coming Down (demo)
3. KFKR (demo)
no pic Scrape The Nation

4 Song EP


1. Blinded By Satan
2. No Apologies
3. Spread The Seed
4. Vision
no pic Red Hair Revolution


1. Red hair revolution
2. All The Same
3. Higher
4. Right In Front
5. Stoned
6. M.L.P.
7. Hollowbodies
8. Potkorn
9. B.F.H.
10. Hide
11. Melting Bones
12. Powered Lies
13. Full Hand
14. BS2003
2008 - Operation: Shifting Gears

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2005 - Scrape The Nation

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2004 - Red Hair Revolution

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"Soldiers Of Scrape have one hell of a good thing going. You won't hear a single negative thing come from me about this band. It almost feels like I am addicted to this album. Once I start playing it, I can't turn it off until it's done. 11 tracks of some old-school ass kickin' metal!"
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Mike - Adrenaline Fanzine


"And my discovery of the month is........ Soldiers of Scrape. Surfing the internet I hit on this one and I was sold right from the first moment. These guys bring an ode to all the bands I liked in the eighties."
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2-14-14     Magic Bag Theater
Ferndale, Michigan

Valentines Day Massacre

with: Cell Block Earth...FACE...Marjories Cane... Tickets available for $8 in Advance...**18 & Over**

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